Stockholm Green Digital Finance is one of the founding members of the International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) - a Network set up to accelerate sustainable finance to deliver on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Read article about why we signed the Casablanca statement >

The FC4S Network was established in Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco, on 28 September 2017, at a global meeting convened by the Casablanca Finance City Authority and UN Environment, in association with Italy’s Ministry of the Environment and Morocco’s presidency of the COP22 climate conference.

At the meeting, Stockholm Green Digital Finance along with 10 other financial centre representatives supported the Casablanca Statement on Financial Centres for Sustainability. In addition to Stockholm, the FC4S Network include Astana, Casablanca, Dublin, Hong Kong, Milan, London, Luxembourg, Paris, Qatar and Shanghai and is growing by the day.


Signatories agree to:

- Promote strategic action in their financial centres on green and sustainable finance.

- Share knowledge to build human capacity, including on measuring the financial centre contribution to climate action and sustainable development.

- Cooperate on expanding the pipeline of green assets and products.

- Work with city, regional, national and international policymakers to build positive conditions for green and sustainable finance.

- Launch the international network of financial centres for sustainability and help in its operationalization.

The network is open to all financial centres as well as supporting institutions.

The first offical and inagural meeting was held in Milan 12-13 April 2018. 

The financial centers for sustainability, inaugural meeting, milan 12-13 april, 2018

The financial centers for sustainability, inaugural meeting, milan 12-13 april, 2018