The Green Assets Wallet is a technology that aims to support scaling of the green debt market and bridge green investors with potential investment opportunities through cost efficient and immutable verification of green impact.


The objectives are to:

  1. Increase the supply of green debt products by lowering transaction cost and delivering efficiencies for issuers.
  2. Support growth of a wider range of green asset classes that, for example, actors not eligible to the bond market can tap into.
  3. Support new entrants in Emerging Markets to demonstrate credibility and build up a green track record to attract investments at scale.
  4. Offer efficient and transparent reporting to demonstrate positive impact and support informed choices about future investments.

We see a major need for green bond investors to ensure that green money goes to the financing of environmentally friendly projects and deliver promised environmental benefits. The new technology will create the reliability of environmental certification many investors lack to dare to take the step of investing green
— Erika Wranegård, Fund Manager, Öhman Group
We find it both important and exciting when combinations of the latest technological developments merge with the forces that are driving the transition to a green and sustainable economy. The ambition of this center is at the core of this link and we look forward to collaborating with and learning from Stockholm Green Digital Finance.
— Christopher Flensborg, Head of Climate & Sustainable Financial Solutions, SEB

The three elements


The Green Assets Wallet offers cost effective and immutable verification of delivery on green investment...



The Green Assets Wallet puts impact reporting on the blockchain to support issuers and investors...


The Green Asset Wallet helps new entrants demonstrate credibility and a track record to successfully...

The launch event

The Green Assets Wallet innovation project was launched in Paris at the Fin&Tech Community on 8 December 2017 -in conjunction with Climate Finance Day and One Planet Summit- together with Finance Innovation and Finance for Tomorrow. Press release here.

The contribution of Fintech and digital innovations can be a key accelerator for sustainable finance. The launch of this new blockchain project dedicated to green investment is a very positive signal. We are pleased that Sweden is moving in this direction and Finance for Tomorrow is committed to contribute actively to the development of such new disruptive solutions.
— Philippe Zaouati, Chair of Finance for Tomorrow


With an award grant from Climate KIC, Stockholm Green Digital Finance and Fintech Hub Sweden developed a Demo to illustrate the potentials for putting green investments on the blockchain. The Demo was developed with instrumental support from asset management firm Öhman, Vasakronan, Mistra, as well as Swedish bank SEB.

Use arrow keys or click on the active fields (flashing blue) to navigate the prototype.