The Green Fintech Network are Fintech companies or initiatives whose business bottom line either directly supports sustainable and inclusive societies, or who are interested to explore how their technology can be supportive of such objectives.

Stockholm Green Digital Finance collaborates with the members of the Green Fintech Network by:

  • Exploring joint innovation projects to deliver on sustainability objectives.
  • Inviting technical input and feedback on work streams.
  • Co-authoring Insight Briefs, OpEds and arranging seminars.
  • Showcasing innovative digital financial solutions and business models.
ChromaWay is committed to creating secure technology for the future and has developed solutions with blockchain since its infancy. Our driving force is a vision of technological excellence for the benefit of mankind and the highest form of reward is working on projects like the Green Assets Wallet that we are confident will have a positive impact on our world.
— Henrik Hjelte, CEO, ChromaWay

If you are interested to become part of the Green Fintech Network, please email

The Green FinTech Network members are: