Cecilia Repinski
Cecilia Repinski is the Executive Director of Stockholm Green Digital Finance. Cecilia has worked with sustainable finance since the early 2000s, from project finance and lending, to asset management and scientific research. Cecilia previously headed the Sustainable Finance Platform at the Stockholm School of Economics, was part of the Government Inquiry on Green Bonds and currently sits on the board of SweSIF. It is her firm belief that the finance sector is a central partner for successful delivery on the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement.

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Linn Ternsjö
Linn Ternsjö is Project Coordinator at Stockholm Green Digital Finance. She works on the Green Assets Wallet project. Linn has studied Economics and Development at SOAS, University of London, and she completed her MSc in International Development and Management at Lund University. She interned for the Private Sector Unit at the UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa, and her thesis was based on field research in Ethiopia between 2017 and 2018. Prior to joining SGDF, Linn worked as a Sustainability Consultant for EY.

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August Botsford

August Botsford is Technical Director at ChromaWay, a leading blockchain technology company that has delivered financial solutions to institutions, governments and companies since 2014. August functions as Technical Lead in the Green Assets Wallet innovation project and collaborates with Stockholm Green Digital Finance and Partners for building the technology platform.


Stefanie Chan

Stefanie Chan is a Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). She currently works on the market implementation aspect of the Green Assets Wallet, as part of a collaboration between Stockholm Green Digital Finance and SEI. In addition to the GAW, her other projects focus on sustainable lifestyles under the United Nations' One Planet Network, and on green consumption policy with the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development. She has previously worked at WWF-France, IDDRI, Princeton University and also as a junior lawyer in dispute resolution.

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Adam Strandberg

Adam is Product Designer, building visual experience and ensuring a flawless User Experience in the Green Assets Wallet innovation project. His background is in lifting startups through UI/UX and brand design.